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Akasaka Technical Center Hironori Ymamoto

The Akasaka Technical Center forms the core of the research and development departments of the Uchiyama Group and performs everything from materials development to product design and performance evaluation in an integrated system. It coordinates with development bases overseas as it implements the design and development of automotive sealing products, gasket products, resin parts and other items such as products for industrial machinery and products for the medical sector.

The demands from society are constantly changing, including the demands for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the realization of a sustainable society. As a result, the products that we should be developing and the functions that we should add to them are also changing rapidly. However, we believe that we can contribute to society if we view this trend as a great opportunity, capture the changing needs accurately and proactively, and speedily offer products that satisfy those needs. We also believe that this will enable us to grow and develop together with the customers.

Each individual employee must have a broad perspective and an interest in various things as they constantly take on new challenges without fearing failure and without being restricted by preconceived ideas. We will then actively and continuously communicate the results this produces to the world, to continue our efforts to be able to respond to the changing needs.

We will also aim to be a research center where we value a corporate climate and culture that enables the employees to feel a sense of satisfaction and growth in their development activities each day, so that this results in the nurturing of the next generation of excellent personnel.

UCHIYAMA Technology Flow

The strength of UCHIYAMA is its own development technology. We are proud of providing the utmost quality in the world from raw material development to production & sale, as “Raw Material Development & Evaluation”, “Product Development Design & Evaluation” and “Production Engineering” are three in one. We have progressed, step-by-step, by rapidly responding to global market changes and following our key words “Seal and Insulation”.

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