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Basic principle and policy of crisis management

UCHIYAMA GROUP’s basic principle, policy, purpose, and goal as an emergency responder follows.

I Definition of Crisis Management

Crisis Management is a generic term for plans and actions taken in an emergency situation in order to deal with any crisis promptly and properly.

II Basic Principle of Crisis Management

An aspect of crisis management is to ascertain potential risks and establish a plan of action should a crisis situation become a reality.

① Corporate Social Responsibility

A: Safety assurance of employees, their families and visitors
B: Preservation of corporate assets (such as plant buildings, machines, equipment, raw materials, products, and semi-finished goods)
C: Prompt restoration, continuation, and normalization of business

② Corporate Social Reliance

A: Not to negatively impact our clients and related companies
B: Contribute to an early stabilization of the local economy
C: Always keep humanitarian aid our top priority.

Ⅲ Basic Policy of Crisis Management for Corporate Risks

Risks surrounding Uchiyama Group potentially impact our corporate activities and local society. We take this significance into consideration when planning our daily activities.

Basic policy is:

・ The CEO takes leadership and command, along with management team members, to respond to any crisis that arises and to minimize adversities that disrupt business operations.
・ Monitor countermeasures and make continuous improvements.

IV Purpose of the company's risk countermeasure

① Ensure safety at all the work places of the UCHIYAMA GROUP.
② Take responsibility for ensuring the reliability of UCHIYAMA, as well as the quality and supply of our products.
③ Ensure the safety of the local residents living around our plants and facilities

V Goal of the company's risk countermeasure

A: To prevent human casualty

 ・Not to incur casualties in plants and offices
 ・Provide sites and facilities for shelter.

B: To uphold our reputation

 ・Not to lose reliability for UMC brand


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