Insulator & buffer

Insulator & buffer

With the combined use of ”cork”, the natural characteristics of which have been used as heat insulators throughout time, and ”expanded polystyrene” an excellent heat insulator produced by the petrochemical industry since the 1950s, spaces are more comfortable and pleasant. As can be seen in UCHIYAMA's cork floors using natural material, indoor heat insulator ”PLASFOAM” made of expanded polystyrene, and expanded polystyrene packages, are indispensable for marine products and home electrical products, etc. UCHIYAMA will continue to propose heat insulators and building materials in the 21st century with new ideas and originality.

Making into a foam shape by adding foaming agents to styrene resin, a raw material, this product is extremely low in heat conductivity and steam permeability, whereby it is used widely for refrigerating chambers, factories, or such, starting with houses.
Using a good adiabatic, cold reserving, cushionry capacity of foam styrene to the full, this package can transport fresh food, such as sea food and vegetables, in a fresh way, and that economically.

This is an insulating material for use in a floor ground material for concrete houses(Japanese and Western rooms) and in general wooden houses. Having a good adiabatic capacity, this product eliminates a cold/warm feeling intrinsic to concrete houses.

PLASFOAM packages

Buffer packages using a cushionry capacity of foam styrene to the full, these fix delicate goods ,such as precision and electric appliances, tenderly to protect these against shocks.

Functional parts

As an excellent buffer material, these packages are used for robot trays in which electronic parts are put and for functional parts of precision machinery like an air conditioner.

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