About us

Kenzo Uchiyama, President & CEOSince its beginnings in cork in 1898, UCHIYAMA has advanced its technology of “Seal and Insulation” through cork manufacturing, and has expanded to various products satisfying our customers around the world. 

“Family” is the smallest unit in society. In order to create a warm-hearted society as the UCHIYAMA group, we aim to achieve social responsibilities with our key words, “perpetual evolution”.

Management Philosophy

We aim to take on the challenges of tomorrow as an organization committed to advancing society, cultivating a global outlook, providing products respected around the world, and taking steps to develop trust, happiness, and a warm-hearted feeling.

Quality Policy

With constant awareness of improvements in the "quality of human resources", "quality in work" and "quality in products", we provide products and services which satisfy customers around the globe.

IATF16949 is approved and certified.

Risk Management
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